Housing Development

Former Brackley Golf Club, Little Hulton

In 2023, Countryside Partnerships, part of the Vistry Group, approached Town & Country Vibro to provide a cost for a Vibro Stone Column foundation solution for their 50% split of a 685-home development on the outskirts of Manchester.

The site has a history of extensive development, with its former uses including a colliery, an opencast mine, a reservoir, and a golf club. The opencast quarry area had historically been backfilled using spoil from the neighbouring colliery, and land reprofiling was widespread across the site, resulting in varying depths of predominantly cohesive Made Ground.

As the site was also littered with trees as part of its last use as a golf club, the vast majority of the plots required deeper foundations due to potential heave issues. The solution devised by the Structural Engineers E3P was to re-engineer the cohesive deposits to 95% maximum dry density, down to the depths stipulated by NHBC standard 4.2 ‘Building Near Trees’, thus removing the heave potential and allowing a Vibro solution to reduce dig depth, minimising concrete costs and cart-away fees.

Town and Country Vibro have so far undertaken three phases of Vibro installation, providing our client with a 150kN/m2 bearing pressure at 600mm beneath the surface, allowing nominal depth and minimal width foundations to be cast.