Housing Development

Former Wire Works, Prescot

Situated just off the M57, the former wire works was demolished and the entire site underwent a full remediation of all ground obstructions, including the old piles in the ground and also substantial foundations. The Made Ground across the site varied in depth between 2-3m and 10m on site. The site also underwent a complete topographical rearrangement and a development platform was created so that roads and houses could be placed without significant level changes.

Town and Country took a watching brief with E3P and McAuliffe Group carrying out testing during the remediation package, such that we were happy with the ground conditions with regards to treatment of the ground with VSC’s.
Town and Country worked very closely such that all the plots would be treated with VSC’s and full depth treatment of the Made Ground could be achieved.

The site was split up into five discrete development plots and each was designated to an individual house builder. During the initial works we worked closely with the NHBC to confirm suitability of VSC’s on the site, as this was a deep treatment site and from previous sites, this does create some concern with the use of Ground Improvement techniques.

In places due to the required compaction of the material being placed some of the plots required Pre-Auger, but in the main due to our larger rig being utilised we managed to penetrate the majority of plots without the need to Pre-Auger. Across the site over 1000 houses have been constructed, and we improved the ground on more than half of the units on site.

We at Town and Country have a wealth of knowledge within Site Investigation and Geotechnics, and sites such as this we can work very closely with the house builders, remediation contractors and the site investigation companies. We also help out in initial consultations, where we provide costs and give assessments on abnormal’s for land purchases.

If you have new sites do not hesitate to contact us to help in the purchase and valuations.

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