Industrial Warehouse

Crossley Road, Stockport

Situated just off Crossley Road in Stockport, one of our valued clients ACS Construction Group secured the design & build of a 17,080 square foot unit in early 2022 on behalf of Quorum. 

The original foundation design was for mass fill pads & strip footings to be taken down to 2.50m through the existing Made Ground and onto the natural stiff clay. However, the Main Contractor approached Town & Country Vibro Ltd looking for Value Engineering options, due to the rising cost of concrete.

We proposed a Vibro Stone Column solution that allowed ACS construction to save money on concrete by constructing nominal depth strip foundations on top of our Vibro Columns. In just 4 days, we installed 480 columns using our Top Feed method, taking all columns to the natural stiff clay layer. This uniformly homogenises the made ground, providing an allowable bearing pressure of up to 150kN/m² beneath the main foundations and up to 50kN/m² beneath the ground bearing slab.

Town & Country Vibro enlisted the help of our sister company Atlas Site Engineering Ltd, who provided an Engineer to set out the main Vibro Stone Column positions. This keeps all responsibility for the positions of the columns with us, which is something we find our clients prefer.


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