Storage Warehouses

Isle of Islay, Southern Hebrides


Town and Country Vibro work all across the United Kingdom. An enquiry was received from one of Scotland’s premier distilleries who, due to their ever-growing production and world distribution, required the construction of two new storage buildings.

The distillery is located in a bay on the coast of Islay, so our team transported our smallest rig in the fleet (due to ferry requirements) and associated machinery to the Island to carry out the works. The location of the project required that every eventuality would be accounted for, as most of the works would have to be sourced off island with the exception of the quarried aggregate. This required lots of meticulous planning to guarantee the high quantity of materials could be sourced for the scheme.

Therefore our team of skilled estimators had to identify accurate depths of treatment for all 4000 columns, along with the stone consumption per linear metre, such that we could guarantee a steady supply of aggregate and keep the scheme on programme.

The first visit in November 2021 saw the installation of nearly 1300 columns to the foundations and floor slab for a single storage unit, with the foundations being designed to 150kN/m² and the floor slab taking a higher than average load of 80kN/m² due to the full whisky barrels.

The second visit November 2022 in was for 2 additional storage units designed to the same loading requirements, requiring a further 2500 Vibro Stone Columns to be installed. Both visits were a huge success, and saved hundreds of thousands of pounds over the initial proposed traditional piling option.

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