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Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro Stone Columns are an effective solution to traditional piling techniques. The ground improvement process increases the bearing capacity of weak soils by reinforcing the treatment area and densifying surrounding soils.

Town and Country Vibro specialise in the design and installation of both top and bottom feed vibro stone columns, operating the largest fleet of ABI rigs in the UK. Our works are carried out using class-leading ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs, and our purpose-built JCB Loading Shovels. 

The process of installing vibro stone columns involves driving a probe into the ground to a required depth. Aggregate is then introduced to the void using our purpose-built loading shovels and compacted in layers, creating sub-surface bulges. This process is repeated until a full column has been formed. For areas of poor loose ground, the bottom feed method can be used to reduce the risk of the void collapsing before stone is introduced. 

Diagram showing the construction of a bottom feed vibro stone column for ground improvement

Vibro Stone Columns


The use of Vibro Stone Columns in your next construction project could vastly reduce time taken on site, reducing overall costs of foundation installation, while minimising disturbance to surrounding areas.

FAST - Our team of experienced operators and supporting teams can work to install over 150 Vibro Stone Columns per day, dependent on design parameters and ground conditions, reducing time taken on site compared to traditional piling techniques. 

ECONOMICAL - Vibro Stone Columns provide significant cost savings compared to other methods. We have saved clients millions by converting traditionally piled schemes into a vibro solution.

VERSATILE - An extremely versatile method that can be designed and adjusted to suit a wide variety of foundation requirements and ground conditions. Our highly experienced team of Geotechnical Engineers can design a solution best suited to your requirements.

SUSTAINABLE - Vibro Stone Columns are a sustainable foundation construction method. Reducing the quantity of concrete needed in projects and utilising the ability to work with recycled aggregate products, including crushed concrete and cleaned railway ballast. Vibro piling has a much lower environmental impact, producing 87% less CO2 than traditional piling.

QUIET - Installation produces very little noise and vibration, reducing disruption to the surrounding areas compared to traditional piling techniques.

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